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Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB Binocular Review

The new uprising of rangefinding binoculars across the hunting space cannot be ignored. More and more folks are gravitating towards one unit instead of two(binocular and rangefinder) for their hunting needs. Vortex came out with their Fury HD binocular in response to this and they were a big hit among hunters. It was an easy to use rangefinding binocular that didn’t break the bank or sacrifice quality. So, how does one make good better? Add in “applied ballistic” technology. New for 2021, they took things a step further with their Fury HD 5000 AB binocular. A binocular that one could not only glass and range with, but could also gather vital ballistic data for dialing in those long shots. Let’s take a closer look at the new Fury HD 5000 binocular from Vortex.


Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB Binoculars

Much like the previous versions of the Fury, Vortex opted for a 10×42 binocular. A great move as this is hands down the most versatile magnification among hunters. And just like the previous version, you’ll be looking through quality glass. This rangefinding binocular requires a CR2 battery, which is provided inside of the box when purchased. Also included in the box is a binocular harness, neck straps, tethered objective lens covers, rainguard eyepiece cover, and a lens cloth. One can range reflective targets up to 5000 yards, things like trees up to 2400 yards, and a deer at up to 1600 yards. These RF binos come in at 32.4 oz, which is the same weight as the Razor UHD’s in the same magnification. Vortex definitely kept weight in mind when making these. You’ll also notice a few more buttons on this new model. These are there in order to operate the Applied Ballistics.


Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB Binoculars

Applied Ballistics

Let’s start the party of with a bang and talk first about the biggest change with the new Fury. Now, with just a click of a button, you’ll gather range information, as well as vital intel to help dial in those longer range shots. This is an on board in display feature, meaning with one look and click through the binos, you’ll have the info you need. Things like wind speed/direction, range, incline/decline, and the corrections necessary to dial your scope. To elevate the ballistic performance even more, it also has a compass, thermometer, pressure sensors, and humidity sensors all within the unit. By utilizing the Vortex Fury HD app, and pairing the Fury to their phone, a hunter can create several different firearm profiles to use on their hunts. From everything about the caliber down to the reticle they’re using. These binoculars do all of the calculating for you, so you can worry more about sending it.


Along with being able to pair your phone to your binoculars and take advantage of the ballistic technology we’ve mentioned, one can also pair their binoculars with Kestral and Garmin devices for ultimate real time data. While the Fury has the capabilities of capturing wind direction/speed on its own, using these 3rd party devices will take the steps out necessary to do so. Meaning it’ll be a smoother operation.

Ranging Modes

There are a few different ranging modes on the new Fury HD 5000 AB. You’ll have a ballistic mode, best mode, last mode, HDC mode, and Scan mode. All of them have their place and are easily operated. The ballistic mode is going to display the line of sight range and the wind drop solution necessary for an accurate shot. Best mode is going to provide the strongest ranging results and is intended to be the primary mode among users. Last mode could be very beneficial as it ranges the furthest thing in a sight picture. An ideal mode for when a deer is standing behind brush. HDC mode is basically the angle compensation mode Vortex offers. A vital feature for ranging steep uphill or downhill shots. And finally there is Scan mode. This will be best utilized when scanning a landscape or following a deer moving along a hillside. It will constantly provide distance readings throughout panning or when tracking an animal moving.

Our Take on the Fury HD 5000 AB

Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB Binoculars

Now, that we’ve gone through an overview of the new Fury HD 5000 AB, you’re probably wondering what we actually think of these binoculars. This is a review after all. The first word that comes to mind with these is versatility. In one binocular, you’re getting the function of a handful of different products. You’ve got a high quality optic, a rangefinder, AND ballistic technology for added efficiency in the field. Being able to have just one piece of gear for all of this is pretty appealing. On top of that, the ability to store a plethora of different rifle profiles in the binocular cannot be ignored either. A family could have one set of Furys with all of their rifle profiles inside. Once it’s time to go hunting, just switch the profile. There’s no need to own 3-4 pairs of these in the same household. And after saying all of that, the next word that comes to mind is value. The new Fury HD 5000 AB offers an immense amount of value for a reasonable price. Not to mention, you’re also covered under the rock solid Vortex warranty.

Closing Thoughts

As we become more efficient and well tuned hunters through the years, our gear does the same. It evolves as do we. Questions are asked, answers are found, and things keep getting better and better. Rangefinding binoculars like the Fury HD 5000 AB are a perfect example of that. Vortex saw a need and they delivered. Whether it’s whitetail hunting in a cornfield or backpack hunting for elk in the west, the Furys can do it and do it exceptionally well. For a hunter looking to streamline their gear and condense some of it down into one place for rifle hunts, the new Fury HD 5000 AB deserves your attention.

Written by: Josh Kirchner of Dialed in Hunter

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