How to Fit and Put on a Hunting Boot Properly

Boots are one of those gear items that can literally make or break a hunt. They can ether keep a hunter burning up the hills without fail or they can leave one dreading each step ahead. The hard part is boots are not a one size fits all piece of gear. Each one of us has different feet and each one of us requires different levels of support. What might be the absolute perfect hunting boot for one person could be a nightmare for another. There are multiple variables at play here, but perhaps the biggest is fit. A boot that doesn’t fit properly is a potent ingredient within a recipe for disaster. And next is how one actually puts a boot on. It’s a process and can have a massive effect on boot performance. So, instead of cooking up a recipe for disaster, let’s cook up a recipe for success in the name of hunting boots.


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Top Tripods and Tripod Heads of 2021

Out here in the western United States, a vast majority of us live and die behind our optics when hunting. It is the most non-intrusive and effective way of locating big game. Good glass allows us to survey miles of country without disturbing the animals that walk it. While the glass is incredibly important, there are some other tools that enhance their ability tenfold. Tripods and tripod heads make good glass, great glass. For 2021 there are a few standout tripods and heads we’d like to mention to help you out on your next western big game hunt.


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October Rifle Coues Deer – 3 Ways to Increase Your Odds

The leaves are starting to change, air is beginning to cool, and deer are on the brain. It’s officially Fall, and more particularly, coues deer season is knocking on the door. Here in Arizona, our rifle coues deer seasons start up at the end of October. It’s a beautiful time to be out in the hills and one that we look forward to every year. Bucks are now hard horned, but are still bachelored up, as well as patternable. This provides a great opportunity to wrap your tag around a dandy. October coues hunts aren’t all peaches and roses though and do come with their fair share of difficulty. So, in light of the coming coues fest, we’ve laid out some tips to throw in your toolkit, should you be so fortunate to have one of these tags.


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