Western Hunting Boots – Our Top 5 Picks

In the game that is Western Hunting, there are a few gear items that one should never skimp on. Among those items is boots. Having a quality pair of boots that fits both you and the demands of your style of hunting is paramount. A bad pair of boots can break your hunt pretty quick, so this is an area that demands one’s attention. They are your tires if you would. Boots are a fickle topic though, as they are not a “one size fits all” type of item. While one model of boot might be the best thing ever for one hunter, it may be the worse for another. Lucky for us, there are a plethora of different boots out there to choose from. Here at Ross Outdoors we have put together a list of Western Hunting Boots that make our top 5. They range in style from super stiff full leather designs all the way to extremely flexible and functional. Let’s dive in!


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