Three Reasons You Should be Using a Slider Bow Sight

Through the years our hunting gear has come leaps and bounds from what it was in the days of old. From rangefinder binoculars to GPS communication devices. That progression isn’t stopping for anything and we can continue to expect more and more advancements in the future. One of the biggest leaps in bowhunting technology has been slider bow sights. They have broken down more than a few barriers and have played a hefty role in elevating us as archers. While not everyone shoots one, they are certainly growing in popularity, and for good reason. Down below, we’ll break down 3 reasons to shoot a slider bow sight.


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Top Western Hunting Bows of 2021

With a new year, comes… guessed it! New bows! This is always an exciting time, as new innovation comes to market to help better our experience in the field and on the range. Down below, we’ve outlined some stand out 2021 western hunting bows that deserve your attention. These are not in any particular order in terms of rank.


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Spot and Stalk Bowhunting in the Desert

The most wonderful time of year is approaching, and I’m not talking about Christmas. Although, the holidays are indeed one of our favorite times, archery deer season down here in Arizona takes the cake. We get to hunt rutting mule deer and coues deer with our bows in the most beautiful weather the country as to offer at the time. For a bowhunter, it doesn’t get much better. This hunt largely takes place in the desert though. A place where not many folks are used to hunting. On top of that, spot and stalk is usually the name of the game down here. We sit up high behind our optics and survey the surrounding country looking for deer. Once we find them, we put together a game plan and try to close the distance for a shot. So, in light of all of that, we thought it would be beneficial to give out some practical tips on spot and stalk bowhunting in the desert.


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Improving Archery Accuracy for Better Bowhunting: Our 3 Tips for Success

Right about now, many draw odds have come out, and the fate of our Fall hunting seasons is known. Whether you drew a coveted early archery bull elk hunt here in Arizona, or are planning on taking advantage or some OTC options, things are heating up. Just knowing what our Fall is going to look like from here on out is calming. It’s also incredibly motivating. We’re buying gear, e-scouting, and shooting our bows like mad. The time for preparation is now and each of us are going to have our focus on different things. These areas of focus aren’t only a reflection of the season to come, but the seasons that have passed. If someone had issues with their physical fitness last year, it’s probably in their best interest to invest time in that this year. Maybe, there was some mishaps with shooting? Now, is a great time to buckle down and work out the kinks, which is what we’re going to chat about today. 3 simple, yet extremely effective tips, to help improve archery accuracy for better bowhunting this Fall.


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