Swhacker Levi Morgan 100 Gr. Broadheads

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The Swhacker Levi Morgan #261 Expandable Broadheads pair field-point accuracy with superior energy momentum and pass-through performance. Engineered to the demanding specifications of renowned archer Levi Morgan, this broadhead starts with an anodized aircraft-aluminum ferrule with a reinforced ribbed design that offers up to 20% greater strength and rigidity. Hardened high-carbon steel tip powers through hide and bone for a clean entry. The 2 arched stainless steel .032" blades feature Swhacker's wing-blade design to cut through the first layer of hide, bone, and fat before the main blades sweep back internally with 2" of clean edges to deliver maximum, lethal damage to vital organs. It all adds up to optimal energy preservation for deep penetration and a high percentage of deadly pass-through shots. The #261 also features blade-lock technology, letting you lock the broadhead's blades in the closed position to practice with the same exact broadhead you hunt with. 3-pack.

    • Accurate flight with loads of energy and pass-through performance
    • Strong anodized aircraft-aluminum ferrule with a ribbed design
    • Hardened high-carbon steel tip
    • 2 arched stainless steel .032" blades
    • Wing blades cut through hide, bone, and fat

Cutting Dia.: 2".
Weight: 100 grain.
Color: Blue.

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