Ripcord Max Drop Away Rest

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The new Ripcord Max Standard gives you all of the amazing innovation that is built into an Max, like RightTime fall-away, the Ultra SlimLine launcher, the DoubleDown brake and FireFall design (the launcher stays up when you let down) — but without the micro-adjustability.

Arrowrest Features

BALL BEARING DRIVE SYSTEM Precision ball bearing drive offers smooth operation and unmatched accuracy.

FULLTIME ARROW CONTAINMENT Spot & stalk or windy days, your arrow is always contained until the shot

FIREBALL DESIGN The rest stays up on let down and only falls when shot.

DOUBLE DOWN BRAKE Zero bounce back for increased accuracy

THUMBCOCK easy to pre-cock. 46% more vane accuracy.

VAULT LOCK CORD DRIVE The new design allows you to make quick, accurate adjustment, and provides a quick way to change cord if needed.

Easy installation - "football" clip included

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