Mystery Ranch Zoid Bag

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A Zen zippered bag with a zoidal shape.

Designed with a trapezoidal side profile to maximize volume while maintaining a low profile, our ZOID BAGS are ideal for organizing small necessities. A webbing grab loop makes it easy to snatch the bag from the deepest recesses of your pack or hang it from a carabiner. Built with lightweight yet durable fabric, we use only the finest YKK® zippers. Offered in two handy sizes.

  • Zippered accessory bag for organizing essentials
  • Trapezoidal side profile creates streamlined volume
  • Webbing grab loop for secure attachment
S: 0.1 lb
L: 0.2 lb
S: 90 cu-ins
M: 215 cu-ins
L: 425 cu-ins
S: 6.5"x9"x2"
M: 6.5"x11.5"x3.5"

L: 7.5"x15"x5.5"

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