G5 Prime Rize Bow Only

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Comes with full factory warranty from G5 Prime. Limited Quantities Available!

  • 82X Aluminum Riser
  • Ultra-Smooth Limb Bolt Belt
  • Flexis FlexShock Damper
  • Sherpa-Enabled Accessory Mounting System.

The double cam system used for the bow is entirely unique to G5. A system called "Parallel Cam" is used. This works with a harness that connects to the string. Both sides of the cams are joined to the harness which gets rid of pull from one side. This effectively eliminates most torque and allows the arrows to reach speeds up to 335 fps. The draw length on this bow ranges from 26" to 30" and the draw weight ranges from 60 lbs to 70 lbs.

The bow features a riser composed of 82X aluminum. This reduces the weight down to a comfortable 4.3 lbs. The bow has an axle to axle of 33" and a brace height of 6.75".

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