G5 Prime Centergy

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  • The all-new Prime Centergy brings downrange accuracy to unprecedented levels
  • Features a Balanced Targeting System, making it easier for you to get on target fast and stay there longer
  • 82X aluminum riser is engineered with no movement and offers the most comfortable shot experience possible
  • TRK Parallel Cam System is what makes the Center Balanced Targeting System possible, offering a super smooth draw and both limb stops and cable stops
  • Flexis-AR roller guard is designed to flex during the draw cycle, reducing cam lean and aiding in tuning
  • The SWERVE, a strategically designed curve that pratically eliminates lateral movement during the shot cycle


  • Axle to axle: 33.25"
  • Brace height: 6.5"
  • IBO Speed: 333 Fps
  • Mass weight: 4.3 lbs
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