Canyon Cooler Outfitter 55 Sandstone

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Our biggest selling ice chest with one-piece, roto-molded construction for extreme toughness and durability.Constructed of food-grade, UV resistant kayak plastic.
The award winning streamlined design is both thoughtful and protective. Everything is 100% recessed and squared off for tighter loading. Latches donot stick out, drain plugs are recessed, the handle is totally out of the way. Packs like a tool box, fits like a glove.


IGBC Bear Resistant Certification #3769
HUNTX foam is extreme pressure injected , making for maximum ice retention.
EZCAM Neoprene latches are UV RATED, simpler to use and have a no question warranty
The 4EVER hinge system simply never breaks rand runs the full length of the cooler
The new for 2015 Canyon COLDLOCKER GASKET full length foam poly gasket is designed and installed to lock in the cold and keep the heat out. The COLDLOCKER will keep your contents ice cold or steaming hot as well as protect them from the outside elements. Sometimes you have to open the drain plug just to break the vacuum seal ! It is our thickest, softest seal to date.
Dual LOCK-RIGHT lid design accepts cable locks or long shackle locks, it keeps hacksaws, critters and relatives at bay with the extra strong mid lid design
Brutally Tough PE RotoMolded cooler shell
STRAP TIGHT anchoring points on both sides of the cooler, accepts 1″ cam straps, for easy mounting solutions no matter the situation.
NO-LOSE drain system has a screw-in, gasket assembly with a tethered center plug to allow for quick and easy drainage without removing the entire plug. Entire assembly can be removed for faster drainage
Rubber SUPERGRIP non-skid feet on all White models
Truck Friendly SIMPLEGLIDE Skid Plates on all Non-White models
Weight: 25 lbs
Ice Retention: 5 to 14 Days


54 Quart Capacity
Ideal Can Capacity: 46 cans + Ice
Max Can Capacity: 56 cans
Weight: 25 lbs
Ice Retention: 5 to 14 Days
All purpose (hunting, fishing, tailgating, camping

Can be carried by 1 person
Ideal for small gatherings, and weekend events
Holds keeper fish / quartered deer
Can be carried by 1 person
Bay boat casting platform

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