America's Best Platinum Series Bowstring Set

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Order your Custom Set of ABB Platinum Strings & Cables from Ross Outdoors. Allow Two Weeks for Delivery to our store. Price includes installation and Standard Tune. We will call or e-mail you after purchase to confirm specifications of your bow and desired string color. We can arrange shipping for your bow to our shop and back to you for a flat fee of $50.

Why Platinum Compound Bowstrings?

Made exclusively with BCY 452X material

NEW for 2018 - Clear Ultra End Loops for a better fit

Halo End Servings for longer life

Power Grip Center Serving for the best fit

1 Year Hassle Free Warranty against peep rotation, creep, and serving separation

Factory Specific Speed Nocks Included at No Extra Charge

Faster Arrow Speeds

Optimum Performance


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