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Optics: Why You Should Consider Renting for Your Next Hunting Trip

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of hunting season in full swing! Social media feeds are getting lit up with harvest photos and the air is finally starting to cool down. Elk have been bugling their guts out and the deer are starting to turn that elusive color gray. Before we know it, we’ll be looking at the horizon of a new year. Between now and then though, there is still plenty of hunting to be done. Many of you have late archery hunts or rifle hunts planned. Lots of time behind the binoculars are in the near future. If you’ve spent any time out west, you know the importance of good optics. They let us survey the landscape without being intrusive. The perfect way to watch animals be animals, so that you can make a game plan for success. With these long days behind the glass, it’s important that we have the best optics that we can afford. If you can buy them, that’s great. Have you ever considered renting them though? Here are some reason that you might want to rent optics for your next hunt.

Save Money

Vortex Optics Spotting Scope

First and foremost renting optics is a great way to save money. Let’s face it. Hunting gear and these trips that we go on add up. Not everyone can afford to just drop a small fortune on gear and tags. Gas money is expensive enough, let alone optics. Optics are probably the most pricey thing that we carry around with us. By renting, you can do so at a minute fraction of the sale price. Even if you don’t own one pair of any optic, you could rent both binos and a spotting scope. A great combo would be the Vortex Razor 12×50 Binoculars with the Vortex Razor HD 27-60x85mm Spotting Scope. That combo will pretty much cover the gamut. This leaves more money for tags. More tags means more time in the field. Sounds pretty good to me.

Give Yourself the Best Opportunity for Success with Top of the Line Optics

Using Optics to scan country for bear hunting in Arizona

When I was a kid, I used to carry around this cheap pair of binos on a red shoe lace around my neck. I hated those things. It actually caused me to abstain from glassing for quite a while. That was until I wised up and learned what quality glass could do for me. Unlike that pair I carried as a kid, these high quality optics didn’t give me a headache. I’d literally start to feel it with the old pair after only a few minutes. Just the thought of glassing for hours on end sounded like a stress test. What I’m getting at here is the longer time we can spend behind our optics, the better chance we will have at success. Having the ability to rent the top of the line glass on the market can go a long way and ultimately lead you to wrapping a tag on that buck you’ve been eyeing.

Try Optics Before You Buy

It really is a privilege to be able to head into a pro shop and try out these high quality binoculars and spotting scopes. You really can only tell so much from glassing out the front door across the street or at a street light in the city. The real test is going to come when you are in the field. By renting beforehand, it gives you the ability to essentially try before you buy. After the hunt, you will know for sure if those binos or that spotting scope is worth its weight in gold or not. Personally, I have done this and am so glad that I did. Pulling the trigger on new optics is a big deal and I wanted to make sure that my money was well spent. After renting, I knew it was. End of story.


Want to rent the Swarovski BTX? Click the image!

Hunting season only comes once a year and many of us have very limited time when it does. For some, it plain old doesn’t make sense to drop a ton of money on optics when they only get to hunt 1 week a year. Then there are the hunters that would rather put their hard earned money into tags and gas money rather than that new spotting scope. Trust me, I get it. If you fall into one of those categories or are on the fence about buying a particular model of optic, consider renting them from us at Ross Outdoors. We can get you hooked up with the highest quality optics in the game. Whether that is the new Swarovski BTX Spotting Scope or a pair of Vortex Razor UHD Binoculars, we’ve got your back. Rent optics from Ross Outdoors for your next hunt HERE.

Written by Josh Kirchner of Dialed in Hunter

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