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Holiday Gift Guide – 2022

The air is crisp, peppermint mochas are flowing, and twinkly lights adorn the houses of many. The holiday season is here! It’s that special time of year when we gather, feast, and enjoy one another’s company. It’s also a time for giving gifts. A way for us to show our love and appreciation for one another after a long year. So, it’s in our best interest to give the best gifts we can. If you’ve been struggling trying to find the perfect present, we’ve got you covered! Here are some standout gear items that will put a smile on the face of any hunter.

Stone Glacier Zenith Fleece

Stone Glacier holiday gift idea

First up we’ve got the Zenith Fleece from Stone Glacier. This is a 100% polyester high loft fleece, that’ll be sure to aid in keeping warm. On that note it also comes with a zippered wind flap in order to hold in body heat. A unique feature of the Zenith is it actually has Raglan sleeves, which offers seam-free comfort when wearing a backpack. And if the person receiving this gift is anything like us, they spend a lot of time wearing a backpack! Wear it around town or in the mountains. The Zenith can do it all.

StalkZone Sneekerz

stalkzone sneekerz holiday gift idea

If you’ve spent anytime spot and stalking critters with a bow, you know how frustrating the crunchy ground can be. It’ll ruin a well planned stalk in a hurry. Ross Outdoors has developed a solution to thatproblem. The Stalkzone Sneekerz will take your approach from sounding like a bag of crunchy potato chips to dead quiet. Exactly what a bowhunter needs when trying to close the distance and a much appreciated gift for any serious archery hunter. Just slip them on over your boots and you’ll be in the “Stalk Zone” before you know it.

Mystery Ranch Spiff Kit

the mystery ranch spiff kit

For the person big on organization, this might just be the thing to place under the tree with their name on it. The newest addition to Mystery Ranch’s Travel Line is their Spiff Kit. It screams organization and is perfect from organizing toiletries in the backcountry or simply making a road trip. They come in 2 different sizes, large and small. The Spiff Kit is fully lined for easy clean up, divided zippered pockets with layered internal division, and even more internal mesh pockets for organization. These come in 4 different colors. Mystery Ranch also offers a deployable swivel hook, so one could actually hang this be it in their tent, tree, or their truck. A Spiff Kit would be a great way to carry a kill kit in the field. All and all a solid addition to anyone’s hunting kit.

T.R.U. Ball Fang 3 Finger Release

Handheld archery releases are gaining in popularity with each turn of the calendar. So for the archery hunter looking to dive into the thumb release world, the T.R.U. Ball Fang 3 Finger Release deserves some attention. This is a full containment release, meaning that the hunter can be hands on while leaving the release clipped to the D-loop of their bow. A very convenient way of hunting. It’s got 2 sensitivity adjustment springs for lighter or heavier trigger feel, as well as adjustable thumb barrel positions. This will allow the shooter to really hone the release to them and their style. And its ergonomic 3 finger design sits excellent in the hand. This is a gift that will get a grin from ear to ear.

Happy Holidays from Ross Outdoors!

That’s gonna do it! We hope that was helpful in your search for the perfect gift this season. If you’ve got any questions on this stuff, or anything else, feel free to contact us and we’ll get you squared away. Other than that, we want to wish you the happiest of holidays and good luck in the new year. With any luck you and whoever you’re buying a gift for will draw the tags you want and put this stuff to use! Happy Holidays from Ross Outdoors!

Written by: Ross Outdoors

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