Why Wild Game Meat?

The wild game movement in this country has no doubt experienced a bit of a spike over the last few years. More and more folks are exploring the idea of healthier eating, all the while embracing a bit of fulfilling adventure in the process. Who wouldn’t want to head out into the mountains and return with a year’s worth of meat? There hasn’t been a meat eater yet that I’ve heard different from. For the folks that are already educated on this topic of “why” there is nothing more to be said. But, if you’ve ever been the one asking that question, we’re going to provide you with some answers. Some reasons of why we hunters do what we do and are so passionate about it. Here are a few of the “whys” behind wild game meat.


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What Do I Absolutely Need to Start Bowhunting?

Getting into bowhunting is no doubt an exciting time. You’ve watched loads of youtube videos, talked to several experienced bowhunters, and are ready to dive head first into the vast pool that is bowhunting. Once down beneath the surface though, you’ll soon realize that there is more gear than imaginable. With so many opinions and styles, this part of the process can be quite confusing. And if a person isn’t mindful, they can leave out the other end of this with a much skinnier bank account than when they started the endeavor. In this piece, we’re going to dive into what a person actually needs and is going to want to get started bowhunting.


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When Should You Change Your Bow String? Now or Later?

With spring hunting seasons in full swing and fall approaching quickly, we hope you’ve either been out scouting or chasing turkey/bear. This is also a great time to be getting your equipment sorted out. Better to be prepared than not right? Working out all of the kinks beforehand is less to think about during your adventures. Whether it’s testing out new arrows or getting that new sight dialed in, tis the season of preparation and maintaining your equipment. Our bows require regular maintenance, just like our vehicles. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for one, these incredible pieces of engineering need to be taken care of to maximize performance. An item on our bows that should always be on your radar, is the string. Changing your bow string isn’t something that should be overlooked. Let’s take a look at when one might think about doing so.


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Improving Archery Accuracy for Better Bowhunting: Our 3 Tips for Success

Right about now, many draw odds have come out, and the fate of our Fall hunting seasons is known. Whether you drew a coveted early archery bull elk hunt here in Arizona, or are planning on taking advantage or some OTC options, things are heating up. Just knowing what our Fall is going to look like from here on out is calming. It’s also incredibly motivating. We’re buying gear, e-scouting, and shooting our bows like mad. The time for preparation is now and each of us are going to have our focus on different things. These areas of focus aren’t only a reflection of the season to come, but the seasons that have passed. If someone had issues with their physical fitness last year, it’s probably in their best interest to invest time in that this year. Maybe, there was some mishaps with shooting? Now, is a great time to buckle down and work out the kinks, which is what we’re going to chat about today. 3 simple, yet extremely effective tips, to help improve archery accuracy for better bowhunting this Fall.


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