Archery Antelope Hunting Tactics

Archery Antelope Hunting is a true test of a bowman’s skills, with 10x Vision and land speeds of up to 65 mph, getting into bow range can prove challenging for even the most skilled archery hunter. Be prepared to sweat, dodge rattlesnakes and potentially shoot a long ways if you hope to wrap your tag around one of the most unique animals in North America. I have been lucky enough to take three antelope with my bow and have had a lot emotional highs and lows over the years on these hunts. Here are my tips for you if you are one of the lucky ones that gets to chase this unique animal this fall!


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Does My Bow Need a Tune Up?

For many of us hunting season is a time that we cherish. We look forward to the opportunity to head into the field with our bows and not only put our skills to the test, but soak up what Mother Nature has to offer. There are few things as pure as a good hunting camp. Because of the anticipation and preparation on the front end of these hunts, it’s in most of our best interests to be as prepared as possible. This means spending time at the range, gym, pouring over maps, and scouting country. Just like the well being of our ability, we also need to pay mind to the well being of our bows. Getting a tune up could mean the difference between wrapping a tag or not. The question at hand though is how does one know their bow needs a tune up? We’re going to lay out a few tell tale signs that will answer that very question.


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How to Fit and Put on a Hunting Boot Properly

Boots are one of those gear items that can literally make or break a hunt. They can ether keep a hunter burning up the hills without fail or they can leave one dreading each step ahead. The hard part is boots are not a one size fits all piece of gear. Each one of us has different feet and each one of us requires different levels of support. What might be the absolute perfect hunting boot for one person could be a nightmare for another. There are multiple variables at play here, but perhaps the biggest is fit. A boot that doesn’t fit properly is a potent ingredient within a recipe for disaster. And next is how one actually puts a boot on. It’s a process and can have a massive effect on boot performance. So, instead of cooking up a recipe for disaster, let’s cook up a recipe for success in the name of hunting boots.


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