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A Guide to Bowhunting Argentina

Bowhunting? Argentina? You’ve Got My Attention…

Experienced bowhunters may want to venture out for an international hunting trip, Argentina is a popular destination, but why? There’s a long history of big game hunting in Argentina. It began with dove hunting over 30 years ago and has since evolved to include larger game. Argentina now offers a wide variety of big game to chase with the bow. Including…

Red Stag

The Red Stag is one of the largest deer species in the world. Reg Stag generally weigh around 300 to 500 pounds. They were introduced to Argentina specifically for hunting. They are considered prized meat as they are used as a local food source. The hunting season for Red Stag is from March to July. 

Stag is one of our most popular species and they can be hunted in various ways.

Spot and stalk during the rut in early mornings and late afternoons when the stag activity is higher. The stags are very vocal during that time and it’s easier to locate and follow them in the brush. Even though we can get very close, approx. 20/30 yds., the hunt is challenging and difficult to find a clean shot through the brush. 

We can also sit and wait in a blind, we have bow hunting blinds located in wallows and water holes, at distances between 30 and 50yds. The stags hit the wallows every day and sometimes multiple times in a day during the rutting season. 


The Blackbuck, also known as the “Indian Antelope”, is an antelope found in India. Since its introduction to Argentina, the Blackbuck has become one of the country’s most successful imports. Blackbucks are small, weighing in at around 90 pounds. The hunting season for Blackbucks is from March to November.

Water Buffalo

The Water Buffalo is a formidable species. They are especially popular for hunting because of the challenge and excitement they present. The hunting season for Water Buffalo is typically from May to August.

Whitetail Deer

There are two types of Whitetail Deer: the Mountain Whitetail and the Coastal Whitetail. Since these are two different species, you’ll find a very different hunting experience for each. The hunting season for Whitetail Deer is from June to September.

Axis Deer

Axis Deer are considered one of the most beautiful deer in the world. Axis Deer have been very successful in Argentina and trophies range from 25 to 30 inches. The hunting season for Axis Deer is from March to November.

European Mouflon

European Mouflon were introduced to Argentina in the early 20th century and have become a popular game animal. Their curved horns can grow up to 30 inches, making them a sought-after trophy. The hunting season for European Mouflon in Argentina is typically from May to August.

Multi-Horned Ram

Multi Horned Ram were introduced to Argentina in the early 1900s and have become a popular game animal. Their unique horns make each trophy truly special. The hunting season for Multi Horned Ram in Argentina is typically from April to September.

As you can see there are many different species of animal here that may pique your interest, keep in mind that all of these species can be hunted with a bow. Although each species may have a different hunting season, you have the opportunity to hunt year-round since there’s always at least one species to hunt per season. Each species can be hunted through a variety of methods including bowhunting.

The Right Season

The best time to Bow Hunt in Argentina depends on the species you are chasing:

Red Stag: the season for Red Stag typically runs from late March through July. Some hunters prefer hunting the rut, late March through April

Buffalo & Boar: available to hunt year round. Some hunters claim the colder months are better for hunting these species, roughly December through March

Wingshooting: (not really applicable to bow) Another year round, but highest potential first few months of the year 

Duck: with the season falling in the middle months of the year, hunters claim the earlier, cooler months are best before the heavy heat of the summer

Argentina is one of South America’s top hunting destinations all year round. There is never a bad time to go hunting in Argentina. Once you know the animal you would like to hunt, you can start to plan accordingly. 

The weather in Argentina differs a lot from the weather we’re used to here in the US. Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, meaning they typically experience opposite weather conditions. January to March is the summer season, April to May is considered the fall season, July and August are the winter months, and October and November are the spring months. Be sure to keep this in mind when you’re deciding the time of your trip.

Taxidermy and Care

Your guide will facilitate the skinning and processing of your trophy and can also transport the animal to their recommended taxidermist so you can preserve the memory of your hunt for a lifetime if you so desire.

Please be aware that the taxidermy process will take some time. The Department of Agriculture typically requires a 90-day quarantine period before trophies can be approved to ship. After that, the trophies will get crated. Once the paperwork and inspections have been completed by government officials at the shipping location, the trophy will be cleared for export. When the trophy arrives in the US, they will get cleared and the client will be notified. 

Plan Your Trip Today

We’ve definitely covered a lot in this guide, but hope it has given you the insight you need! Bowhunting is already a deeply satisfying sport and a bowhunting trip in Argentina can definitely be a life-changing experience. In order to ensure the success of such a trip, you’ll need to be prepared on all fronts. By making it to the end of this article, you’re off to a great start!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or more information on bowhunting in Argentina. Author Guide

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